About Me

I’ve been writing and talking about science for a while now. Someone even pays me to do it for a living.

Back in the day I studied maths and physics at the University of Bath – where I found playing with and interpreting data to be far more fun than gathering it in a lab – and picked up the communicating bug hopping between lectures, student radio and the theatre societies. I went on to earn a Master’s degree in science communication at the University of the West of England, Bristol, where I honed my skills of writing, broadcasting, and getting annoyed by crap graphs.

I previously worked in the commerical printing world and I’ve done extensive volunteering for charities and community groups, so from sales and marketing design to event planning and lots of public speaking I’ve got to grips with a fair bit. Following my Master’s and a stint at a science research council in Swindon, I now work in the communications team at a national academy in London. I spend my days writing for press and for the web, managing social media, and highlighting the exciting and important benefits of science and engineering across the UK. I sometimes wear a public engagement hat, too, and enjoy hearing people’s views on the industry I’m involved in as much as I love sharing mine. In short: communication is fun.

In between all of the above, I am happy to take on freelance science writing work – and if that’s why you’re visiting feel free to get in touch. When the written word isn’t enough I lend my voice to a science podcast, the odd radio show, and the occasional stage. I’m also a keen photographer and developing filmmaker. There are a few samples of my various activities on my work page.

Aside from the now obvious passions for science, technology and creativity I enjoy TV quiz shows, tea, dry humour and David Bowie. My blood type is A+ and I sometimes have a beard. I live in London now, but like to get around. Where next? Answers on a postcard…