Another landmark, another chart

This week marks the one year anniversary of my move to London. Plenty has happened in that time – I’ve met new people, experienced new things, and had all the highs and lows anyone can expect over the course of a year.

Throughout it all, there were often headphones over my ears or music piping out of my laptop. Being the nostalgic kind of guy I am, I realised that a rundown of the music I’ve listened to over the last year probably provides a pretty fair soundtrack to all that’s gone on, and will trigger memories of what being this newbie in London has been all about. So, with the usual help of, I compiled a chart of my top 52 tracks from the last 52 weeks.

But, not content with just compiling a music chart, I decided to make a chart of a chart! I’ve been trying to experiment more with infographics, illustrations, and visual stuff of late, so this seemed an ideal opportunitity to add some annotations and colours to what might otherwise be* a pretty bland list. It’s been useful to play about in Inkscape for the afternoon, anyway.

Now, ten points to whoever spots the first typo…

A Year In London Music - Infographic

(I couldn’t do the accent in Édith Piaf’s name and it really annoyed me)

* – minus ten points to the first smart Alec to say ‘it still is’